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The Waiting Room

Does it seem as if you are always waiting for something? You are waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop for that liquid pick-me-up. We are waiting for love to come our way. You are stuck in traffic hoping that your daily commute would be just a few minutes shorter. You wait for your investments (in funds and people) to mature.

Those are the daily waits in life. Most of these issues will quickly pass from view. But what if you are waiting for the moment in your life where opportunity and Divine purpose collide and usher you into the next season of your life? That season where you are finally walking in confidence in your purpose rather than stumbling from one task to another.

What if waiting in and of itself is a process? Through this waiting process, we gain the tools that we need for the place that we were always meant to be. We can be so focused on our future hopes that we neglect the in-between-ness of now. The Waiting Room focuses on this section of the process, gaining the tools and preparing our hearts for the next season of your purpose propelled life.
Pray your way through the process. Allow God to mend the broken places in your heart and equip you for your door of opportunity. Join me in The Waiting Room, and we will take this journey together.

To Be Known By My Name

The women named in scripture span the gamut of brief mentions like Anna who witnessed the blessing of Jesus in the Temple; to deep and layered characters like Esther, queen of Persia. Yet many Bible readers have encountered only a few of these women in their study. Xylia Sparks-Davis has searched the scriptures and has compiled a complete listing of the over 160 famous and obscure women named in the Bible. To Be Known by My Name is a study tool to help you explore deeper into the Word of God.


Do you need to be reminded that God accepts you? Steeped is a tea-votional filled with words of encouragement, tea pairings and recipes to aid in your devotional experience. Through Steeped, meet fourteen Biblical women who through their challenges will show you just how much God values you!